Cloud-based property mangement software built for the modern property management business

Manzel Express Solution

is a fully featured cloud-based system designed to allow property owners and managers to focus on growing their business, and provide convenient and reliable service to their residents seamlessly . 

It's online!

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Benefits For Your Company

  • Cost Savings: calculate number of hours spent on the tasks X the average hourly rate per month.
  • Work from Anywhere.
  • No Hardware Cost.
  • Paperless office: save money on paper, supplies & storage.
  • Communicate easily with your residents.
  • Training And Support: Ongoing support and training for your entire team.
  • Improve Property Management Efficiency & Reduce Time Spent on Routine Tasks.
  • Better Resident Retention.
  • Informed decisions & Operational Insight: actionable property data served up throught clear alerts and dashboards.
  • Team Performance: Help your team prioritizes service and maintenance tasks, and easily manage performance against goals.


Main Features: Access Anywhere

Manage Communication
Manage Rent Payments
Manage Staff Tasks
Manage  Community and Amenities
Community / Amenities
Reports and Managerial information
Reports / Dashboards
Improve Markeing and SEO
Marketing: SEO, SEM & Building website